Hydraulic Cone Penetrometer 10 Ton
ASTM D-3441 / SNI 2827-2008

For determining cone resistance and friction resistance of soil layers.

Consist of :

Hydraulic Driving Appliance : Steel construction, hydraulic operated 10 Ton Capacity Design with double cylinder pressure, sounding speed 2 cm/ sec. incorporated two wheel integral with the driving appliance. Penetration measuring scale, 100 cm assembly on body. The standard measuring device is equipped with two pressure gauges.
Manometer : 100 kg / cm² capacity, lower mount connection.
Manometer : 1000 kg / cm² capacity, lower mount connection.
Power Unit : Hydraulic pump incorporated in governor matched to the installed petrol engine, 13.5 HP, hand starter.
Sounding Rod : Machined steel, 36 mm o.d., 1 mtr effective length, tappered thread.
Plunger Rod : Round bar, 15 mm dia, 1 mtr length.
Push Adaptor : Machined steel.
Pull Adaptor : Machined steel.
Anchoring Pickets : Machined steel, welded, spiral type anchor with screw pickets, 1.4 metre length.
Hydraulic Spanner : Machined steel, hydraulic gear box powered with variabel speed gasket, additional hand spanner for spare.
Mantel Cone : Precision machine steel hardened tip, tappered thread 60º angle, 35.7 mm diameter.
Friction Cone : Precision machine steel hardened, with friction jacket, tappered thread 60º angle, 35.7 mm diameter.
Wrenches Set : Pipe wrench (2), adjustable wrench (1), spanner wrench (1) allen key (1), screw driver (1), oil can (1), steel brush (1), piston wrench (1), seals tape (2), oil seals (2), steel box (1).
Long Fasten Press : Beam cannal, 160 cm length, 15 cm width.
Hydraulic Hose : Flexible hose with push/ pull coupler. 300 cm length, 10.000 psi capacity.
Field Trolley : Fillin sounding apparatus.
Standard supply with instruction manual operating

Overall dimension (l x w x h) : 130 x 105 x 210 cm / Gross Weight : 770 kg